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Optimal Trajectories by Implicit Simulation
NASA Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, OH

Before requesting OTIS...

OTIS4 is export-controlled software. Therefore it cannot be released to, examined, or used by anyone who is not a U.S. person (i.e. U.S. citizen or resident alien). The appropriate restrictions are listed on the distribution statement on the front page of the documentation.

NASA Glenn Research Center distributes the source code for OTIS4. OTIS4 will run on most Unix, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows computers provided a supported compiler is installed.

Although NASA is not obligated to perform maintenance or correct any errors in the OTIS4 software, NASA Glenn personnel make a good faith effort to do so as time and schedule permit.

For best performance, OTIS4 relies on the non-linear optimization program SNOPT. NASA does not distribute the source code to SNOPT with OTIS. Users must purchase their own copy of SNOPT from Standford Business Software Inc. (

Obtaining OTIS

OTIS4 is distributed in partnership with the NASA Glenn Research Center Technology Transfer & Partnership Office. Please follow this link for download requests. Following the acceptance of this request, the user will be contacted with information regarding a secure download site from which she or he can download the latest version of OTIS4.

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