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Optimal Trajectories by Implicit Simulation
NASA Glenn Research Center
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Here you can find references to papers relating to OTIS, its application to specific problems, and the theory behind it.

References to the technical foundations of OTIS

Direct Trajectory Optimization Using Nonlinear Programming and Collocation
AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, Vol. 10, No. 4, 1987, pp. 338-342.
Hargraves, C. R., and Paris, S. W. - Boeing Phantom Works

Comparison of Implicit Integration Methods for Solving Aerospace Trajectory Optimization Problems
J. Riehl - NASA Glenn Research Center
S. Paris - Boeing Phantom Works
W. Sjauw - NASA Kennedy Space Center

References to studies which utilize OTIS

Affordable Flight Demonstration of the GTX Air-Breathing SSTO Vehicle Concept
NASA TM 2003-212315
Thomas M. Krivanek, Joseph M. Roche, and John P. Riehl - NASA Glenn Research Center
Daniel N. Kosareo - ZIN Technologies

Comparison of Performance Predictions for New Low-Thrust Trajectory Tools
T. Polsgrove, L. Kos, and R. Hopkins - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
T. Crane - Qualis Corporation

Rapid Optimal Multi-Burn Ascent Planning and Guidance
P. Lu and B. Griffin - Iowa State University
G. Dukeman - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
F. Chavez - U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, Kirtland AFB

Crew Exploration Vehicle Ascent Abort Trajectory Analysis and Optimization
AIAA-2007-6775 / NASA-TM 2007-214996
R. Falck and L. Gefert - NASA Glenn Research Center

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